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2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Calendar 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Calendar [ARCHIVED CALENDAR]

Fees and charges

For information about specific, current fees, visit uoit.ca/fees.

General information

After registration, each student will be able to view a detailed assessment of fees due, through the online registration process. No fee statements will be mailed. Students are responsible for checking and paying amounts owing by the fee deadlines specified in the academic schedule.

Students with fees outstanding beyond the due date will be assessed a late payment fee and will be subject to the university’s hold policy. Interest will be calculated at a monthly rate compounded on the monthly balance and will be applied to the student account at the end of the month. Students with accounts on hold are unable to register, view grades, order transcripts, or graduate. Other services (e.g. library access, parking passes) may also be denied. In all cases, outstanding fees must be paid before subsequent registration will be allowed.

A student dropping courses by the last day to drop courses and receive a 100 per cent refund of tuition fees will not be liable for tuition fees for those courses. After this date and up to the last day to drop courses with a 50 per cent refund, students will receive a 50 per cent refund of tuition fees. Ancillary fees are non-refundable after the last day to drop courses and receive a 100 per cent refund of tuition fees. No tuition will be refunded for courses dropped after the last day to drop courses with a 50 per cent refund. Students wishing to drop courses should consult the academic schedule in this calendar for specific refund dates.

Methods of payment and deferment of fees

For detailed information on methods of payment and deferment of fees, please visit uoit.ca/studentfinances.

Tuition and fees

Tuition fees are charged on a per credit hour basis, up to the maximum annual program fee. Students who elect to complete additional courses beyond those required by the program will be charged for the additional courses at the regular per credit hour rate.

Tuition, ancillary and student organization fees are assessed on a semester basis. Please refer to uoit.ca/fees for detailed fee information.

Ancillary and student organization fees

Ancillary and student organization fees are charged on a semester basis. Ancillary fees include athletics and recreation, career services, academic support, health and counselling and campus safety. Student organization fees include student-run services and programs and the student centre capital fund.

Health and dental insurance

Extended health and dental insurance fees are charged annually and are applied as part of fall semester fees or at the time of admission. These fees are charged to full-time students only. Students dropping to part-time status before the last day to drop courses and receive a 100 per cent refund of tuition fees will receive a refund of health and dental fees.

Full-time students who have pre-existing health insurance and have paid their tuition fees in full by the last day to drop courses are eligible to opt out by the opt-out deadline, which is available on the UOIT Student Union website. A portion of the health and dental fee is retained for administrative purposes.

International students are required to pay the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fees in addition to extended health and dental insurance fees. The rates are determined by the insurer. Information about UHIP is available at the International Office.

Technology-enriched learning environment

Most undergraduate programs require students to participate in the technology-enriched learning environment program. Please refer to the university’s Technology-Enriched Learning Environment (TELE) web page for information on the compulsory fee and payment deadlines.

Work-integrated learning fees

Fees may apply to those students engaged in work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities. Examples of WIL include field experiences, co-op and internships. Further information related to these fees is available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Residence and campus dining plan fees


Residence fees are charged for an eight-month period (September to April). For payment deadlines and details, please visit uoit.ca/residence.

Residence fees must be paid directly to the residence via one of their payment options and cannot be paid to the university. Payments made to the university in error will be applied to any outstanding balances on your account with the university.

Simcoe Village:
The South and Central Halls of Simcoe Village offer open concept suites shared by two beds (traditional dorm rooms). The North Hall offers suites with two separate bedrooms.

South Village:
The South Village offers suites with two separate bedrooms. A dining plan is mandatory for all students living in the South Village residence.

Campus dining plans

Students living in the South Village must choose one of the mandatory dining plans.

All other students may choose to purchase one of the voluntary dining plans. Campus dining plans consist of a set number of meals per week and a credit account, which may be used to purchase food from on-campus eating facilities.


Parking rates are determined annually. Rates vary depending on the permit type. Visit uoit.ca/parking for more information.