Feb 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar

Facilitating Adult Learning with Technology diploma

General information

Facilitating Adult Learning with Technology is a six-course professional development diploma, based on the current Adult Learning and Development with Technology specialization course offerings within the Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies (EDST) program. The program meets the growing professional development needs in service, corporate, government, non-government (NGO) and education sectors. The diploma develops educational leaders who possess specialized knowledge and competency in adult education, focusing on digital technologies for learning.

The fully online diploma uses the same delivery model and design philosophy of the EDST program and provides access to diverse groups of innovative individuals and ideas that are changing the world.

Note: This program does not qualify a graduate for membership in the Ontario College of Teachers or to teach in Ontario’s elementary and secondary school systems. It does not provide certification for any early childhood education programs. It is designed to lead solely to an Undergraduate Diploma in Facilitating Adult Learning with Technology.

Admission requirements

Ontario college diploma or equivalent.