Nov 29, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Calendar
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BIOL 3840U – Marine Invertebrate Zoology

This course is part of the Biological Science – Marine Biology Specialization and is offered by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). The course is only open to students enrolled in the Marine Biology specialization and can only be taken as part of the semester abroad with BIOS.

Marine invertebrate zoology consists of lectures closely followed by hands-on field and laboratory work. Due to the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is home to unique assemblages of semi-tropical invertebrates thriving in the most northern coral reefs, mangrove forests and tropical seagrass beds in the Atlantic; these and other semi-tropical
habitats are visited during the course. This course surveys the major phyla of marine invertebrates focusing on Bermudian examples.
Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 6 hrs/week (7 weeks)
Laboratory hours: 6 hrs/week (7 weeks)
Prerequisite(s): Enrolment in the Marine Biology specialization, 3 year level standing, and faculty approval.
Experiential learning: Yes

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